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      ABOUT US

      About us

      Take the talent and technology to be the basis, offer the best products and service

      China doors and windows material family -- Professional & focus international platform

      China doors and windows material family is the first cross-border business platform which focus on doors and windows’s material,based on years of oversea business experience of Boyu building hardware company limited.

      The purchaser can login on the platform to know the productions, and we have already set up the agent office in local city,totally achieve zero connection of the online and on spot. Could make the perfect cooperation for all the inquirings of the purchaser.

      We will make series review for each supplier in our platform, to make sure that all the suppliers in our platform are real production-oriented enterprises,we will take full responsibility as long as that the connecting series work is done by us.

      Our Service

      Our Service

      Resources and service is the tenet of our platform

      A large and efficient sources of suppliers, provide 100% guarantee service for clients, that is the tenet of our platform, we promise our members

      1.stable effective sources

      2.Field inspect reports

      3.Full-range buying guidance

      4.100% commitment in after-sales service

      Online Service
      Contact Us:
      +86 18660169418
      +86 53168824989
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